Welcome to Camp Griesheim Christian Retreat Center
Then He told them, “Come away to a solitary place and rest awhile.” • Mark 6:31
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have trails?        

We do not have any specifically marked trails, however, you can take walks in the woods.

2. Can we buid a campfire?    

No Campfire Policy.  It is a wooded, leafy area and campfires can be dangerous.

3. Can we bring campers?    

We do not have hook-ups for campers.

4. Can we play ball or volleyball?            

Since we are in the woods and on a hill, it is difficult to find a clearing for any type of recreational activity.                           

5. Is it heated in the winter?            


6. What if it snows?            

Unless there is blizzard, we have the camp open all winter long.

7. Do you have air conditioning?            

Yes, the facility is fully air-conditioned.

8.  Do we have to get a key?            

The facilities will be open for you when you arrive.

9. Can we have non-Christian activities there like family reunions or business meetings?    

Camp Griesheim is only available to Christian churches and groups.

10. What is provided?

We have coffee pots, toaster, mixer, large cooler, tableware, and some pots and pans. We also have 2 refrigerators and 2 stoves. *Cooks, food, bedding, towels, and soap are not provided.

11. Do you have private bedrooms?

No, we have bunk beds with mattresses. 4 of the bedrooms sleep 8 people and 2 of the bedrooms sleep 6.

12. Is this a smoke free facility?


13. Can we bring pets?

No pets are allowed.

14. Can we schedule a wedding?

Camp Griesheim has a NO Wedding policy.

15. Are Candles allowed?

You may only use battery operated candles inside all facilities. We have a no open flame policy

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