Welcome to Camp Griesheim Christian Retreat Center
Then He told them, “Come away to a solitary place and rest awhile.” • Mark 6:31
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Weekend Rates

1 night or 1 day - $15 per person, minimum $225
2 nights - $25 per person, minimum $375

Sun noon - Fri noon.

Per night - $12 per person, minimum $180
Per day - $6 per person, minimum $90

A-Frame Chapel:

(Optional) 1 day or 1 night - $20
2 nights - $30

What’s Provided:

Please provide your own cooks, food, bedding, towels, and soap.

Retainer Fee:

A retainer fee of $15 is required along with the form below to hold your date and may be subtracted from your total cost. This fee is non-refundable.


If you have to cancel within a 6 mo. period before the date of your retreat, the minimum rate for your time period will still be charged. Before that time, you may cancel without obligation.


The facilities will be opened, prior to your arrival.

Telephone Numbers:

The number at Camp Griesheim is 217-648-2967.
The number for all reservation information is 217-737-7327 or 217-737-9528.

Your Responsibilities:

Turn the heat down or air-conditioning off before leaving. Check the list by phone in the kitchen for location of thermostats.


The A-Frame chapel needs to be locked with the key, and the building doors can be locked by pulling them shut. Leave the keys in the kitchen. PADLOCK THE GATE WHEN YOU LEAVE.


Checks must be payable to CAMP GRIESHEIM.
Kindly remit no later than 30 days after your stay.

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